Selasa, 19 Mei 2009


                                                my first date with this choco boots,,awww yeeaaahh!!!!!!

believe it or not this is my first boots that I had.
eemmm maybe when I was 5 years old , I had one,,docmart style haha but I guess it doesnt fit anymore ;P

I've tried to search a great boots in some places like Pasar Senen and Taman Puring(in my place this both of market is really happening!! :D).
but the result is guess what?? ZERO..hahah,, I've got nothin in 3 tired days!!!

untill I found this little choco boots,,
We love each other at the first sight,,ohhhh,,,

Senin, 18 Mei 2009

MY BEST BUY!!!!! ONLY RP.5000!!!!DAMN!!!

I bought this top at Pasar Senen,,,

at the end of my hunting,,,the last minute before I walk Out,,,

aawwwww,,,!!!!I found her,,,the sweet Psychedelic baby choco brown Pattern,,,

Only rp. 5000,,Thats why I adore this stuff so much,,, ;D

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellow all bloggers,,,

I'm a newbie here,,and I still doesnt really know well

about blogs things,,,

hahahha,,,well,,here I am,,21 years old girl who really stuck in the middle of 70s,,and Psychedelic Era,,Love fashion soo much and of course Music(Rolling stones Groupies)!!!!!!!!!!
Trying so hard to be an happy hippies,,which is so hard to do in this crazy 2009,, :(

anyway you can call me Candree,,

I really Appreciate a branded and high quality Stuff,,but I'm kinda more love all about a vintage and a cheapest stuff,, :)